Staying Calm

Over the past weeks we have all experienced LockDown  in different ways.  We are now all slowly  starting to do some of  the things that we did before.

Some are returning to school. Parents may be going back to work and we can now sit with family and friends in gardens.

All of these things can be worrying and I know that I am a bit anxious about some of them.  So I have been looking at ways to help me stay calm and cope .

There is a lot of advice about what you can do, some of it we have talked about at school, some we already know, but its useful to have a reminder.

This might help you to understand your feelings and be ready for the next step.


I know that some of them have helped me.  I have been talking to my friends and family about my worries.  I enjoy doing craft things and when I get worried I pick up either my sewing or knitting to calm myself down.  I’ve also done a lot of baking. I have learnt that being outdoors has helped so I go for walks with Mr Budd every day and I have spent a lot of time growing things in my garden.

So whatever happens, if you are going back to school or not, if your parents are going back to work or you are going to meet up with family, don’t worry and try some of the tips on the poster above.  But most important of all remember you are not alone and talk to someone.  They may feel the same.

Take care and I’ll see you soon.

Mrs Budd




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