Our Children’s Return To School

I know that a lot of children and parents are extremely anxious with the thought of returning to school. It is crucial that our children can express how they are feeling, also have support in understanding how they feel and have a safe positive way to express their feelings. This in turn will help yourselves as parents, who are probably anxious as well.

Here are some ideas that will help you help your children’s return back to school with their new teacher and support them emotionally with all the changes that have happened this year.

All these ideas can be changed to suit your child/ children’s ages. Some children are going to be anxious about returning after such a long time, worried about how school will look, will they be with their friends, is it going to be different.

What my parents or careers can do to help me.

Top Tips for the adults.

Write a list of what you might.

Try a Boosting Book, build it with your children at home for school!

Here are some useful resources for the younger children.

Help your child write a letter to their key Adult. These ideas can be altered to suit the age range of your child/children.

Some useful web sites.

These fantastic ideas were from

Thank you for these excellent ideas and resources.

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